We decided to give out our Basic Training presentations. So that everyone who is starting in Pharmacovigilance or just need to make sure about particular concepts could learn with us.

Goal of these videos is also to show up how technology is evolving and what can be implemented safely. While NextPV team remains the driving force behind the content, ensuring accuracy, relevancy and integrity, please note that the voiceover and the script for the voiceover has been AI generated.

We hope you find these presentation useful and please don't hesitate to contact NextPV for any further questions.

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PSMF, compliance dubbed
Signals management
Benefit-Risk management
Global Literature Monitoring
Individual Case Safety Report
Quality Management System
Reference Safety Information
Periodic Safety Update Report/PBER
Addendum to Clinical Overview
Pharmacovigilance in Clinical Trials
Local Pharmacovigilance
Regulatory Intelligence

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